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Waukesha County Wisconsin offers boating, fishing and a number of other water recreational activities.  So many places to drop anchor and enjoy this beautiful place we call home.  Look no further for your next home.  Together we can find it here in Lake Country.

Entertainment?  Many of Waukesha County Lakes offer pull up docks for your conveninece.  Dock the boat, listen to some great music and enjoy the fantastic food that is available.

Serenity?  You need only to look at the picture above to see just how peaceful lake living can be.

Call me today so that together we can find your next lake home here in Lake Country Wisconsin, Waukesha County

Larry Stanul – Re/Max Realty Center – 262-751-1386

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Waukesha County… Lake Country Wisconsin

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What a fabulous place to live, work and enjoy life.  Waukesha County boasts 91 separate bodies of water within its’ boundaries.   Pick the location, size of lake and reason for boating and you will find it here.  Many of our beautiful lakes offer great restaurants featuring outdoor seating, live music and more.

When choosing your next home, look no further.  Waukesha County Living will more than excite you , I promise.

Call me today so that together, we can begin our search for your next home.

Larry Stanul – Re/Max Realty Center – 262-751-1386

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Your Crossroad

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Haight-Ashbury street in San Francisco, CA.  A crossroads which made an impact in the lives of many of us.  The place of the beginning of a movement so powerful that this country was forever changed.  Some feel for the better while still others felt it was for the worse.

It has often been said that all of us will reach a cross road in our life and once we do, we will be forced to choose a path.  Some take the path of least resistance while others take the path least traveled.

The path of least resistance is the one that is the easiest to follow.  The path with few or no obstacles to deter or discourage you.  One that allows for you to coast on to the next chapter of life.  Whether you are a professional, a skilled employee, a laborer or any walk of life that you have either chosen or were placed into by circumstance.  This path will allow you many hours of leisure time.  Time to just sit and relax.  Watch TV.  Listen to music.  Go to movies.  You get the picture.  The final outcome after years of following the path of least resistance will likely be one of disappointment.  Looking back on your life, you may be surprised to see that it was not so rewarding after all.  A life filled with memories that may not be too pleasant to remember.

Now, let’s look at the path least traveled.  This path is the one that few take.  Others don’t want to walk this walk because it is filled with obstacles.  It is the one that makes you stop, stumble, learn and continue to struggle.  It is the one that is best suited for you and you alone.

It has been said that all of us possess a specific talent.  Something that we are very good at, something will define you.  The movie “City Slickers” brings to mind a quote from one of the more memorable scenes.  It is the one where Jack Palance and Billy Crystal are riding alone looking for stray cattle.  Billy is afraid of Jack due to his demeanor and his harsh ways.  As they are riding along, Billy discovers that Jack is a man just like any other man. He chose to live the life of a lonely cowboy even though it was one of the hardest ways to make a living.  Jack talked about a woman with whom he fell deeply in love with.  But, unlike most of us who would pursue this relationship, Jack was happy just to see her.  The highlight of the scene is when Jack says to Billy, “Just seeing the silhouette of her in front of the sun was the most he could expect.”  Billy then says to Jack,  “no, no.  That is not supposed to be the way this ends.”

Jack turns to Billy and says, ” we all have one thing that makes us who we are and what we are.  Just one thing.”  Billy, puzzled, looks at Jack and askes, “what, what one thing?”  Jack replies, “That’s for you to find out.”  He then rides off ahead of the bewildered Billy.

The moral of this story is that we all have to chose our path in life.  The path least traveled? The one that is more difficult but can lead to more rewards than you could have ever imagined?  Or, the path of least resistance.  The one that will give you ample free time. Time, that once gone, will come back to haunt you by you remembering what opportunities you may have missed out on.

Which path are you taking?

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The Boom Is Here…

The Boom Is Here….

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Homes to sell? We need some. Sellers, now is the time. What are you waiting for?


Tight Inventory Article

Tell me why you should wait…  Well… Why???

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The Boom Is Here…

Okauchee Lake at its' finest.

            Okauchee Lake at its’ finest. Waukesha County WI             Real Estate

Waukesha County Building Boom

Click on the most recent News Article and tell me what you think.

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