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Elvis, The Eagles, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, Ricky Nelson, Celine Deon, Neal Diamond, Whitney Housten, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, The Righteous Brothers, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and the list just keeps on coming.

Can you believe the list of GREAT musical artists we in our lifetimes were blessed with?  I think back about all of the moments of my life and I remember various songs that went along with each of them.

I happen to love music.  All types and forms of music.  Classic Rock, Country,  New Age, Gospel, Classical and more.  There isn’t a type of music, that if done well and with soul, I didn’t like.  I still like to sit back and listen to some of the greatest music of all time.

I play an instrument and love to learn all of the songs that I hear.  I sometimes think that I will be able to play all of the music I love before I check out.   That day hasn’t come, checking out that is, and therefore I still have time to listen to, reminisce and remember all of the moments that helped mold me into who I am.

I remember driving my own car for the very first time and the feeling of complete freedom I felt listening to my favorite group or singer.  The windows all open and the radio as loud as I could bare.  I was in heaven.  Or at least what I perceived heaven to be at that time.

Music moves your very being.  It allows you to become immersed in your situation and gets you through times of your life that may not be as pleasant as we would like.  I guess, when I decided to blog about music, I wanted all of us to remember just what music meant to each and every one of us.  I know, if you are totally honest, you all have your favorite artist, favorite song,  favorite moment in your life that was enhanced by the sound that moved you at that moment in time.

Music… it moves us, it allows us to remember moments of our lives, it puts us in the spirit of true worship of our Creator, it reminds us of moments gone by.  I for one  thank God that I was a part of my generation.  No, not because I am aging and beginning to feel its’ consequences.  But rather because I know that I lived at a time when music moved us. It put us into a mood of quietness, excitement, solitude, reflection and motivation.  It just depended on the song or artist you were listening to at that moment in time.

Music…  The songs and artists of my time.  They are great memories and because of our search for new melodies, continue to allow us to pass through this journey we call life with more gusto.  You too will remember those songs and artists one day with fondness.

It’s free too.  You need only tune in, plug in, put in and listen.

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