Momma, mom, ma, mother or any other name you assigned to the most important person in your life.  The one who bore you for those agonizing nine months.  She is also the one who nurtured you,  cared for you, watched over you, but most importantly, Loved you unconditionally.  No matter what transpired in your life, your mother will forever be remembered  as the one person who loved you no matter what.  You may not always agree with her, obey her, like her, but you always knew that she loved you above all else.

My mom was a wonderful mom.  She was understanding, kind and always patient.  She never meddled in my life.  By this I mean, she always believed that one makes their own bed and once they do, they must lie in it.  In other words, their are consequences for your actions and what you choose will reap what you get.

Understanding was an understatement.  She always accepted me for who I was.

My mom left us in September of 2013.  I miss her terribly and now realize just how important she was in my life.  I think about her often and remember all of the great times we had.  I remember when I was a young boy, I was quite mischievous.  I once sat on  30 or more sewing needles that I had placed in a chair, pin side up, so that my older sister, Lu Anne, would sit on them.  I forgot that I had placed them there and sat on them myself. One brook off and I had to have surgery to remove the 1 inch piece that was lodged in my butt.  OUCH!!!  Another time, I was running around and when she got angry with me, she said, Larry, stop and get over here.  Take your licking like a man.  And wham, a broom came flying across my legs.  The broom broke in two and the laughter began.  I did deserve the punishment by the way.

In any event, now that she is gone, I feel sad that I didn’t stop in at her apartment more often and just visit.  If only for an hour.  I wish that I would have called her more often just to tell her that I loved her.  I wish, I wish, I wish…

I urge all of you to call your moms.  Tell them that you think about them and that you love them.  One day, and that day will come, you won’t have the opportunity to do so.

Yes, I have very fond memories of my mother.  I loved her deeply and admired her for what she accomplished in life.

This mother’s day, say I love you to your mom.  And, if she has passed, remember all of the great times and the fun that she created in your life.  Remember that she gave of herself for you in more ways than you may remember.












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