There has never been a time as good as the present.

I have heard this many times in my life and each time it was meant to encourage me in the decision I was facing.  Well, we have passed decision time when it comes to buying or selling your home.

Do you realize that interest rates are low.  The lowest in the history of financing your home.  I, as some of you may remember, was a commercial banker for most of my professional life.  I remember the 70’s and the interest rates on 1st mortgage loans was 4%.  Today, we are seeing rates in the 3’s.  Can you believe it?  But wait, this is not the only item that makes this market so unique.  We also have a pent up demand matched by some of the best booms in housing in recent memory.  Put these two together and we see fast home sales, low financing rates which allows us the opportunity to purchase that dream home we always wanted.


I urge you, no, I am telling you, now is the time to list your home and move to that better neighborhood, better and larger home, more bells and whistles or whatever.  Don’t wait. Don’t miss the market.

Inventory of existing homes is scarce.  This means a better price for your home.  It also means that you need to act quickly once you do find your next home.  It won’t last long if it is priced right and has all of the “Stuff” people want.

There has never been as good a time as the present.   This statement is meant for you.  What are you waiting for?  Call me today so that I may show you what your home is worth and also find that next place you call home.   You will be very happy you did.

Larry Stanul, Realtor.  Re/Max Realty Center.  262-751-1386







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